Yuzu Caramel | 5 pieces

5 pieces
French caramel made from Isigny butter, exclusively prepared with the milk of Bessin and Cotentin cows, fresh cream and ... Read more
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  • Madaq ChocolatesIntense flavours
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Shelf life
Up to 6 weeks
Milk (incl. lactose), soya, gluten and nuts (or traces thereof)
Vegetarian, Halal
Delivery time
1-2 business days

Yuzu Caramel

French caramel made of Isigny butter, exclusively made with the milk of Bessin and Cotentin cows, fresh cream and Dutch sugar. Combined with hand-pressed, fresh-sour Yuzu from Kōchi, Japan.

Enrobed in 65% Colombian dark chocolate.


Madaq dark chocolate bonbon collection

In addition to this delicious dark chocolate bonbon, Madaq offers two other dark chocolate bonbons: Grilled Coconut & Apricot and Orange & Ginger.

Madaq chocolates are handmade in the Madaq chocolate atelier

Madaq chocolate bonbons are made by hand in small quantities. To ensure quality, sufficient time is taken for all elements during production. The complete process takes three days. For the fillings Madaq uses ethically sourced raw materials from all over the world. In addition, each chocolate mould is individually polished, so that the chocolates retain their beautiful sheen. The chocolatier carefully follows every step in the process in order to guarantee quality.

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