Our Story

Food is special. What we eat goes through our whole body, every capillary, every organ. Taking good care of ourselves starts with refined eating. The pleasure of eating is added as an element through our culinary passion. When something tastes good, feeding our body is a complete experience that makes us happy, that contributes to feeling good. Madak Chocolatier combines chocolate, passion for beautiful ingredients and brings "eating a bonbon" to a high level. Madak will delight you with its range.

Madak originated from a catering company that founder Soufiane Mourabit started in 2018. With his North African background, he created a new way of enjoying, namely eating in a cultural way to unite guests, hosts/women, friends and family. After developing surprising recipes and flavour combinations, he started making chocolate covered dates. His customer asked if it was possible to produce more exclusive chocolate products. With hardly any experience in chocolate, he answered resolutely: yes!

This is where he started making handmade chocolates with his partner Nikai Groot Kormelink in a garden house on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Ellecom.

After months of honing his passion, Nikai joined with a mission to rigorously change the way the world experiences chocolate: to create a moment of connection and timelessness.